Windows Server 101: Configuring Split-Brain DNS on Windows

Hola Meraki Community! I'm upgrading a remote site from a Barracuda firewall to an MX64. Now, this site currently has a "DNS Service" install on the Barracuda to split DNS. This remote site has it's PCs domain joined (hence the current setup). On the MX how am I able to do this (if necessary) t Configuring the Device as a DNS Proxy - TechLibrary SRX Series,vSRX. The Junos operating system (Junos OS) incorporates domain name system (DNS) support, which allows you to use domain names as well as IP addresses for identifying locations. A DNS server keeps a table of the IP addresses associated with domain names. What is Split-DNS? - YouTube Apr 07, 2012 DNS Forwarders for split DNS - Infoblox Experts Community

Views - Split DNS. BIND 9 is unique in providing the ability to configure different views in a single BIND server. This allows you to give internal (on-network) and external (from the Internet) users different views of your DNS data, keeping some DNS information private.

domain name system - How do I enter a strong (long) DKIM My DNS team had attempted to split the key into two parts with quotes around them and a space between. That was causing UltraDNS to serve up 3 packets (the one in the center was empty) which caused inconsistent validation results. domain name system - Are Windows 2016 DNS Policies / Split

With NS1, you can achieve multiview or split-horizon DNS by adding the NETFENCE_PREFIX filter to a record, and then associating the IP subnet(s) to which you want a particular answer served as metadata on that answer. In other words, you create a view for one or more specific IP address ranges, and then associate that view with one or more

Considerations when working with a private hosted zone