The text in italics shows information from operating systems available when this blog was first posted. This post was originally published on the CompWALK Blog.. With the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and similar company-wide policies integrating mobile devices into the work day, a question arises about security.

This is partly because Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in the world, and so it has been the major target for hackers and malware peddlers. Also, let's not forget that Microsoft was also the first company (by some margin) to cooperate with the NSA’s PRISM mass surveillance program. Oct 10, 2018 · When Google GOOG, -3.36% released its Pixel 3 — a new smartphone running on Android that is known for its high-quality camera — it was said to be the most secure device from Google yet, featuring a Which OS has the best security? Qubes OS. If you are looking for the most secure Linux distro for your desktop here Qubes comes up at the top. Tails. Tails is one of the best most Secure Linux Distros out there after Parrot Security OS. Parrot Security OS. Kali Linux. Whonix. Discreete Linux. Linux The operating systems were provisioned out of the box at the default security settings, which made them highly vulnerable to attack. Today, roughly 20% of user identifications and passwords have The main reason is that Windows is the most popular and most used operating system in the world. Therefore, most hackers are only trying to affect the people using Windows OS. At the same time, Apple devices have better encryption and security.

Jan 17, 2019 · Windows 10 Enterprise ranks high among today’s most popular operating systems for large companies and it’s worth the expense. This operating system is beneficial to large businesses for a variety of reasons. It features intelligent security, simplified updates, flexible management, and enhanced productivity.

According to IBM, AIX is the most secure operating system, and Mac OS X the least secure. Not only is the report rather slim on details when it comes to operating system vulnerabilities, it seems like most websites reporting on this story have misunderstood what it was about. Jan 02, 2018 · This video covers,top 10 most secure operating system in the whole planet.Covering only computer OS,our list has some of the best OS Verified by many experts. hope you like the video then

Highly secure system Known for being consistent in maintaining a highly secure system. Several other popular distros use Debian as a base or core for their own Linux OS, the security being one of the main factors why it's so commonly used.

When admins go to battle over which operating system is the most secure, it’s time to turn to our guide on endpoint security. The real answer is here! Every sysadmin has their own favorite kind of box, and while most enterprises these days tend to have a mix of OSs in their fleet, organizational needs will typically favor deployment of one Security refers to providing a protection system to computer system resources such as CPU, memory, disk, software programs and most importantly data/information stored in the computer system. If a computer program is run by an unauthorized user, then he/she may cause severe damage to computer or data stored in it.