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To pay for your item click on the Checkout button. Some websites ask that you create an account; some give you a choice whether you want an account and some allow you to …

Learn how to pay and buy online with PayPal Pay with your password Make purchases, transfer money and pay bills faster—without typing in your account numbers every single time. So you can put down your device and get back to doing the things … Use Apple Pay to buy things online - CNET

How to Use a Debit Card Online. Using a debit card for an online purchase is much the same as using a credit card: Enter the debit card number: Provide your debit card number, which is a 16-digit number if you have a bank debit card that's affiliated with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. If you're using a prepaid debit card from American Express, the number will have 15 digits.

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