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openssl can make life easy be creating its keys, CSRs and certificates on the basis of config files. Creating these config files, however, is not easy! This page is the result of my quest to to generate a certificate signing requests for multidomain certificates. Windows OpenSSL.cnf File Example (Configuring Java CAPS Windows OpenSSL.cnf File Example. This section contains the contents of the openssl.cnf file that can be used on Windows. Be sure to make the appropriate changes to the directories. # # SSLeay example properties file. # This is mostly being used for generation of certificate requests. # RANDFILE = .rnd ##### [ ca ] default_ca = CA_default # The openssl config failed · Issue #3764 · openssl/openssl · GitHub Jun 25, 2017

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GitHub - codevibess/openssl-nodejs: is a package which is a package which gives you a possibility to run every OpenSSL command 🔒 in Node.js in a handy way. Moreover, parameters like -in, -keyin, -config and etc can be replaced by a raw data (Buffor). - codevibess/openssl-nodejs config - OpenSSL CONF library configuration files. DESCRIPTION. This page documents the syntax of OpenSSL configuration files, as parsed by NCONF_load(3) and related functions. This format is used by many of the OpenSSL commands, and to initialize the libraries when used by any application. NAME. config - OpenSSL CONF library configuration files. DESCRIPTION. The OpenSSL CONF library can be used to read configuration files. It is used for the OpenSSL master configuration file openssl.cnf and in a few other places like SPKAC files and certificate extension files for the x509 utility.