Aug 28, 2013

Google buys Songza: How many music services does one Jul 02, 2014 Songza goes premium with ad-free subscription option - CNET Club Songza will cost you 99 cents per week, but you can still listen for free if you prefer. Songza Music-streaming service Songza has added a premium option for listeners who want it.

Jul 02, 2014

Songza for iPhone and iPad — Everything you need to know

Songza has a music curation-scaling problem -- and now

How to Use Songza App on iOS and Android | Tom's Guide Download and install Songza from the App Store. MORE: 12 Best Music Apps. 2. Open the app. 3. Pick a mood. 4. Choose a category of music. 5. Select a playlist that appeals the most to you. You can Spotify's Free Mobile Offering: Everything You Need to Know Dec 12, 2013 Listen to Free Music Online - Songza Alternatives The music at Songza was curated by music experts and playlists were created so you could easily listen to great songs and discover new music all at the same time. The playlists at Songza would change according to the time of day, your mood and much more. It … How Does Spotify Know You So Well? | by Sophia Ciocca | Medium