Jul 26, 2012

Mac OS X Lion couldn’t be installed, because the disk (volume name) is damaged and can’t be repaired. Click restart to restart your computer and try installing again. How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery - Apple Support Jun 01, 2020 Fixing OS X Install Errors “can’t be verified” and “error Jan 19, 2015

Oct 28, 2008 · The harddrive is working. It's been erased and formated to mac extended format (extended). The OS X disk utility also recognizes that the Hard Drive is infact there. But here's the problem: when I start up the computer to install OS X, I get an error: 'Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer: this software cannot be installed on this

Oct 23, 2015 blank drive, cant install mac os x 10.5.6 - MacBook Core 2 To install Mac OS X and the applications that came with your computer: 1 Back up your essential files. Because the Erase and Install option erases your hard disk, you should back up your. essential files before installing Mac OS X and other applications. 2 Make sure your power adapter is connected and plugged in. 3 Insert the Mac OS X Install

SOLVED: Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer

"Mac OS X Can't Be Installed on This Compu |VMware Jan 10, 2017 Download and Install old Versions of OS X on a Mac Nov 29, 2017 Canon Knowledge Base - Software cannot be installed (OS X Software cannot be installed (OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8) or later) ID : 8201601400 _ EN _ 2. Solution: The gatekeeper functionality is provided in Mac OS. When you try to install the software downloaded from the Canon download library, the message will be displayed and the installer cannot …