Customize Security Using DSP Add-Ons. An Administrator can use DSP Add-Ons to create custom security for delivered WebApps or custom WebApps. By creating custom WebApp groups, users can easily customize access for pages depending on any organizational need. For example, WebApp groups could be created for departments, to group pages that are

Software Add-Ons | Renesas Electronics Software Add-Ons extend the functionality of the SSP to enable a wide range of specialized functions, including communication protocols, extended security functions, and cloud services. Some add-on components are licensed and serviced by Renesas, while others are developed by third parties and verified by Renesas to be SSP-compatible. 6 security add-ons to protect your browser - The Parallax AdBlock Plus. AdBlock Plus offers apps and extensions for iOS, Android, and a number of browsers, …

Make your Firefox browser a privacy superpower with these

Jan 11, 2019

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The risks of installing add-ons. While add-ons can make your browsing experience better by giving you access to great web content, some add-ons can pose security, privacy, or performance risks. Make sure any add-ons you install are from a trusted source. Enhanced Protected Mode and add-ons