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configuring igmp snooping. Is it worth it? does it work When I turned on igmp snooping in the switch, the cable went down and after checking some logs, the packets were getting discarded of some sort. I know what igmp does and it's supposed to be great for video and streaming, basically multicast. Had this happened to someone, because unifi support is not much help really. Manual:Interface/Bridge - MikroTik Wiki If a IGMP Snooping enabled bridge does not receive a IGMP membership report after amount of last-member-interval, then the bridge considers that no one has subscribed to a certain multicast stream and can stop forwarding it. This property only has effect when igmp-snooping is set to yes. last-member-query-count (integer: 0..4294967295; Default: 2) Solved: IGMP and IGMP snooping for Aruba 2930M - Airheads Hi community. As far as I know, IGMP and IGMP snooping are two different features. IGMP (v1 or v2 or v3) is a L3 protocol, and IGMP snooping is a feature that works at L2 and for switches that are not L3 necessarily. Checking the "Aruba 2930F / 2930M Multicast and Routing Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16

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UniFi - Best Practices for Managing Chromecast/Google Home Enable IGMP Snooping as it can help with multicast traffic (a UniFi Switch is needed for this, see our feature matrix, if not available skip). Configure any other desired settings and click "Save". Next, create a dedicated SSID for your Chromecast/Google Home and other IoT devices and assign it the proper VLAN: Dante Networks and IGMP Snooping - Shure Turning off IGMP snooping will usually solve this problem, but if IGMP is needed then this FAQ can help with configuring the switch properly for use with IGMP and Shure devices. Dante flows are, by default, unicast (a one-to-one connection between two devices, versus transmitting packets to multiple destinations - multicast). What Is IGMP Snooping? - wiseGEEK With IGMP snooping enabled, a switch is turned on so only certain receivers get the broadcast. The network administrator can set this, and the memory needs of the broadcast are greatly reduced. This is because the receivers and computers receiving the broadcast, rather than the broadcasting computer and its associated network, handle the memory needs. IGMP and IGMP Snooping - Arista