Use Buffered tissue with cottons, linens and other cellulosic materials such as wood-pulp or cotton rag paper. Un-buffered tissue should be used with items made out of animal based materials, such as silk, wool, leather, or whenever fiber content is unknown. Passes Standard "Photo Activity Test"

Buffered Archival Tissue Paper: This tissue paper is "buffered" because it contains an alkaline substance, usually calcium carbonate, added as an alkaline reserve or "buffer" to counteract acids that may form in the material. Unbuffered Archival Tissue Paper: This tissue paper is free of the alkaline substance Hollinger Metal Edge - Since 1945! Buffered Interleaving Paper. Price/pkg of 100: 8 x 10: $11.65 $11.30 Buy Unbuffered Interleaving Paper. Cat # Description: Size: 1 or more: 5 or more: Qty: IPU1114 1: Unbuffered Interleaving Paper. Price/pkg of 100: 11 x 14: $33.45 Archivalpendium2.0: Unbuffered vs. Buffered Paper, Plus a Buffered paper products are acceptable for use with most books, paper documents, cellulose nitrate and acetate negatives, artistic prints and drawings (except those with pastel and charcoal, or that have been tinted), black-and-white motion picture film, and plant-derived materials.

What is the Difference Between Acid-Free and Archival

Un-buffered acidfree tissue is perfect for storing photographs and clothing that is sensitive to a higher pH level. Just layer the acid free tissue paper sheets between your artwork or documents to guard against acid migration and abrasion. Pack of (100) 15" x 20" sheets ; Each sheet is .001" thick Perfect for archival storage!Lineco Unbuffered Interleaving Tissue Paper is acid-free and is recommended for use with colored prints, textiles, and watercolors. Cyanotype, dry transfer or chromogenic prints also require unbuffered tissue in order to be stored archivally. This tissue is an excellent choice for separating prints, drawings or lithographs and protecting artifacts. In addition

During production, acid-free paper may be treated with a mild base (usually calcium or magnesium bicarbonate) to neutralize the natural acids occurring in wood pulp, and it may also be buffered to prevent the formation of additional acids (as may develop from the application of sizing).

Buffered interleaving tissue extends the life of paper, photographs, textiles, and artifacts. Use for most photographs, including black & white, color & albumen prints. Available in packages of 100 sheets or rolls. We suggest buffered for most documents, photos & artifacts, unbuffered should be used for albumen prints, cyanotype, dye transfer & chromogenic color prints as well as textiles. This paper is not suggested for wrapping, see our wrapping papers or wrapping tissues for these kinds of projects.