This was working last week on my Kindle Fire HDX, suddenly it's not. My connection is fine, I am not having any issues with any other streaming app on this device or with this app on any other device. Deleted the Xfinity Stream app, restarted, downloaded the version available from the Amazon App Store, installed, same problem.

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Dec 01, 2018

May 19, 2020 · Reset the Kindle Fire HD to its factory settings by pulling down the notifications bar and tapping More > My Account > Deregister. Then, read the text and tap Deregister to confirm. Kindle Fire and Fire Tablet Bluetooth Not Working: Fix Pairing Problems. Bluetooth issues come in several forms, such as Kindle Bluetooth not working, Kindle Fire HD Bluetooth paired but not connected, and Amazon Fire tablet won’t connect to Bluetooth headphones. Most issues with your Kindle Fire, such as a frozen screen or issues with downloading content, can be solved by restarting your device. Go to Slow or Frozen Kindle E-Reader or Fire Tablet to learn more. Apr 22, 2017 · The first step is to check that your Kindle Fire app is connected to Wireless network. Then, you have to ensure that the information of your Kindle Fire email account isn’t changed. After that, you have to check the configuration settings of your Kindle email account. The next step is to go to the Home screen of your Kindle Fire app.

Troubleshooting steps for Kindle Fire Many game performance issues (i.e. loading, crashing, missing features, sync-ing of game) can be resolved in the following ways: Check your Internet connection

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