The terminal should have nothing to do with clearing browsing data. You don't need to be advanced to clear the cache in Firefox. Just follow the instructions here: – TheWanderer Oct 4 '15 at 16:22

How to Clear Package Cache in Arch Linux - Make Tech Easier Mar 13, 2018 How to Flush DNS Cache on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS When the cache is corrupted, everyone suggests flushing the DNS cache to the user. Flush Ubuntu DNS Cache. Some Debian Linux like Ubuntu still uses systemd-resolve. This resolve is already built into the system in Ubuntu and it is being used for a lot of things by the operating system automatically without the user’s knowledge. How To Clear Web Browser Cache From Commandline In Linux

How do I clear Bash's cache of paths to executables

How to Drop/Flush/Clear Cache Memory or RAM in Linux Jun 21, 2020 How to Clear Memory Cache on Linux | Unixmen

Sep 18, 2018

Jun 21, 2020 How to Clear Memory Cache on Linux | Unixmen By default, every Linux OS has an efficient memory management system used to clear the buffer cache periodically. You can manually free up the memory cache with the following simple command: