Two new Spectre x360 models, announced Tuesday, will be the first HP notebooks with a webcam kill switch, a physical button that cuts off power to the integrated front-facing camera to protect you

Anonymous Coward writes "DaisyMan over on ArsWare has come up with a software based Dead Man's Switch that will, if you don't 'check in' every so often, post a message (presumably about your demise, but whatever you wish) to various message boards, send email (maybe that incriminating evidence?) to your friends, and encrypt specified files on your computer so that 'they' can't have them. 'Kill Switch' Proposed to Stop Computer Trading Gone Wild Aug 17, 2012 The new Kill Switch gives me an added sense of security. One thing you need to be ware of is, if your printer is Wi-Fi connected to your computer the Kill Switch will make it necessary to change this connection to a solid wire connection since the Kill Switch will also disconnect your printer’s Wi-Fi connection.

Jun 28, 2018

Jun 16, 2017 The Internet Kill Switch | Computerworld To say that the Internet Kill Switch is a bad idea is only scratching the surface of how wrongheaded the proposal is. The more rabid right wingers out there might argue that the idea is rational

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