I don't want to be forgotten, but i can't change it

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Why do I want to be forgotten? I feel like I want to be forgotten and never remembered again. I am generally ignored and forgotten as it is, which hurts me a lot. I thought I was a good person who people wanted to talk to, but I feel so unimportant right now. Makes me feel like I don't matter to anybody and I never will. So,

We want to be at least recognized by the people around us, by the people we love. We want them to remember how we looked last night, because we dressed up so well. We want them to remember the things we said, because we meant every single word we breathed out. We want them to remember which between coffee and sugar we put first in our cup. Inky Johnson - I don’t want to be forgotten. I want to

Quote by Benjamin Franklin: “If you would not be forgotten

Korean War Veterans don’t want to be forgotten Jun 25, 2020 We Will Be Forgotten - Seth J. Gillihan, PhD You may occupy a place on a distant descendant’s family tree for a class project, another name among many they don’t recognize, even though without you he or she wouldn’t be here. Your contribution to their existence will be long forgotten, like yesterday’s sand castles, almost as though you never were.