NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition for Windows 32/64 bit

Now with respect to Vista, I am using a Vista 64-bit T61p laptop. At the point of going into business production with this machine 90 days ago, Juniper did not have a 64-bit client product. The Netscreen Remote is OEM'd from SoftRemote anyways, so I purchased a license to SoftRemote's 64-bit Safenet client. Windows 7 64 Bit Host, networking prob with XP |VMware Feb 26, 2010 Evaluating 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 in a Small Organization

Accessing the UConn Network Through a VPN Client

Assessing 64-bit Windows 7 in a Small or Midsize Business For client computers, Microsoft supplies Windows 7 and Windows 8 in same-cost 64-bit editions that provide advanced dependability, scalability, and throughput. As with all migrations from 32-bit to 64-bit platforms, the move up can’t be carried out seamlessly. DNS problems with Cisco VPN Client on Windows 7 32-bit Jul 27, 2010

NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition (IPsec client) FAQ

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