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Jun 26, 2019 · Client-centric, also known as customer-centric, is an approach to doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for the customer by maximizing service and/or product offerings and Jul 24, 2020 · Client base definition: A business's client base is the same as its → customer base . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A client state is a state that is economically, politically, or militarily subordinate to another more powerful state (termed controlling state in this article) in international affairs. Types of client states include: satellite state , associated state , puppet state , neo-colony , protectorate , vassal state , and tributary state . Thin client computing is known to simplify the desktop endpoints by reducing the client-side software footprint. With a lightweight, read-only operating system (OS), client-side setup and administration is greatly reduced. Cloud access is the primary role of a thin client which eliminates the need for a large suite of local user applications

Jul 24, 2020 · Client definition: A client of a professional person or organization is a person or company that receives a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

In Computer science, client-server is a software architecture model consisting of two parts, client systems and server systems, both communicating over a computer network or on the same computer.A client-server application is a distributed system made up of both client and server software. Client server application provide a better way to share the workload.The client process always initiates Client-centric - definition and meaning - Market Business News Client-centric refers to a method of doing business. With client-centric companies, the client is at the center of their efforts. In other words, the companies focus on the client more than their products or sales. In this article, you will see two terms – client-centric and customer-centric. They both have the same meaning. Solicitor/client privilege legal definition of Solicitor A client is not always a person; a corporation can be a client and can have a right to the attorney-client privilege. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Upjohn Co. v. United States , 449 U.S. 383, 101 S. Ct. 677, 66 L. Ed. 2d 584 (1981), ensured greater protection for confidential information between a … What does client mean? definition, meaning and audio