Freedom of Speech and Internet Background and context The right to freedom of speech expression and to hold opinions without interference is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by most of the constitutions of the world including India and America. Presence of free, uncensored and unhindered Internet and press are essential to ensure freedom of […]

Dec 23, 2019 National Case Law on Freedom of Expression specially protected speech, particularly political speech about public servants. With regard to the themes that have emerged in the hemisphere in recent years in relation to freedom of expression, the chapter discusses the growing litigation of matters involving freedom of expression on the Internet, privacy, and surveillance, on which How Section 230 reform endangers internet free speech Jul 01, 2020 Freedom of speech and the internet

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Nov 18, 2016

Do we really have freedom of speech? As pointed out by several others in the answers to the person who posted this originally as a question, we are guaranteed freedom of speech in our Constitution. And as equally correctly pointed out, that freedom does not include the right to slander others, or put anyone in danger by false proclamations--the yelling of "fire" where none exists in a crowded