In Wi-Fi status Window, for IPv6 connectivity, ‘No network access’ was showing up. And, for the IPv4 connectivity status was showing ‘Internet’. Though, If IPv4 is working fine, then it doesn’t matter what IPv6 status is. Because IPv4 is enough for the Internet.

unidentified network - no internet access windows 7 Nov 24, 2011 IPv6 "No Internet access" How To Fix this Error Many users complained that, when they try to access the Internet, it failed or the net speed was quite slow. And in the wireless network connection status, it showed the error: IPv6 No Internet access or IPv6 No network access. It really annoys users so much as they cannot surf on the Internet normally. Luckily, we’ve got the answer for you. IPv4 & IPv6 no internet connection in Windows 7 | Windows Jun 19, 2012

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